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NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME| The Electric Elephant

Watch as Brett Michaels, Aaron Rodgers, and Brian Baumgartner have some fun in this new commercial for Monday Night Football.

There are moments when everything comes together. This was one of them.

At the end of the NFL Season, when everything is in high gear- I wanted to create a moment,

where we just blow the wheels off the NFL Season. The story premise was based around being a Green Bay Fan Living in LA!!! What Does That Look and Feel and Sound Like. With an

amazing team, assembling all the pieces, I was thrilled to be able to direct, create, write, and collaborate with an amazing group of creatives- where we literally rocked the hell out of this spot. My only look back- gosh, there was so much funny stuff that hit the cutting room floor.

Brian, Brett and Aaron were just game for all of it. It was such a blast on set, and I wish everyone was there. Cool is cool with this trio! Hopefully, there will be many more opportunities rocking with this group. It was one of my favorite pieces for the years. Also, special thanks to Bruce and Brett’s entire family- they were superstars in the shoot. I also don’t want to forget, Rampage, nobody does a “Boop” better than you, the LA Cheese Heads and the LA Ram Fams. Make sure you check out Brett on his Party Gras Tour 2023! It will be awesome!!!

None of it would have been possible without my team; Amanda Paschal, Steven Stetz, Hector Rodriguez, Dave S, Julie, Laz, Phil and many others.

Thanks To Everyone- & Check Out The Links That we Received A Lot of Great Buzz!




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