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The first time, I walked through the Louis Armstrong Musuem/ Home in Corona, I was floored. When you step in, you hear all of these lovely words narrated by Louis himself, chatting about his perspectives on Jazz and Life. I remember the call we had with Wynton’s management. Time was extremely tight, and we thought we were going to only be able to film at Louis new stadium. I casually interrupted, and I mentioned, I just walked through the Louis Armstrong museum and I was really touched. I mentioned, Wynton would be moved and so many others, if we could wind up filming at his home. With some serious juggling, we made it happen…and if only I could paint the expressions on the locals’ faces when the one and only Wynton Marsalis began playing…one of Louis songs. It was amazing to say the least. A real moment in music…

What was even better, I knew of an up and coming trumpet player named Brian Newman. He was featured on the Grammy Award Album with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. My friends from Joanne introduced me… I invited him, as well to the house. I think he felt the same way and paid his love and respect to Louis. While we had only a moment to feature him in the broadcast, he is a true gift, and whatever was not shown will hopefully be featured in years to come with the Louis Armstrong Musuem.

I couldn’t thank thank Wynton or Brian Newman enough…more importantly, it was so respectful in Louis’ home, I know he would be proud of everyone who contributed and celebrated Pops’ Memory.



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