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Celebrating the XFL Launch with a Levels Campaign

Last week, we celebrated the launch of the XFL – and it was nothing short of a huge success! With over 8 teams and 400 players from all walks of life, our Levels campaign was inspired by a mash up between Blade Runner and Football 3000. It was an electric atmosphere on set as everyone involved from The XFL, ABC/ESPN & Red Bird worked together to make this launch happen. Let's take a closer look at how this amazing project came about.

The Creative Team Behind the Scenes

At the helm of this creative project was Sammy Silver, Director & Creative Lead. He wanted to make sure that everyone felt included as part of this launch. With four distinct looks inspired by Blade Runner and Football 3000, it was truly an energy-filled set that made an impact on everyone who participated in it. Joining Sammy on set were DJ (previously working together on Black Adam/Monday Night Football) and owner Dany Garcia- where they filmed various scenes in this new XFL world. This team put their hearts into making sure that everything ran smoothly and that every detail was taken care of throughout the filming process.

The Players & Fans at the Heart of It All

Of course, no celebration is complete without its key players – literally! We want to give special thanks to all 400+ players who stepped onto the field for this incredible event. From coaches to rookies, everyone brought their own unique energy to make it one of the best launches ever seen in sports history. And let's not forget about all those who cheered them on - fans were critical in making this event such a huge success! From sharing real-time updates to creating hype around each game day, their dedication towards their favorite teams definitely did not go unnoticed.


The XFL Launch was an unforgettable experience for all involved - players, fans, media outlets and more! It was truly amazing how so many people worked together so seamlessly to bring something new and exciting into sports entertainment. Special thanks again go out to The XFL family for organizing such a successful event – here’s looking forward to many more like it! Go Team XFL! #xfl #espn #dwaynejohnson #danygarcia #

Photo Credit: Flannery Underwood




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