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As part of this year’s Home Run Derby, we wanted to do something a little different.

Kapow!, Bam, Boom- Yes, those are all sounds that we hear at a Home Run Derby…but

what about digging a little deeper. Today, we all need more homeruns in our lives- little wins, little successes. Set against the backdrop of Dodgers Stadium, we weaved iconic moments of life over the years (both vintage/ current) -leading into grand moments in Baseball History.

Though, we were not done just yet. As the music by Republic/ Universal Artist, Joy Oladukun took flight, we took a moment of pause, to celebrate the artistry of The Homerun, as if fireworks were bursting above them…and casting their glow upon our superstars.

With VFX by Spilt, a beautiful script by Emmy Award Winning Writer, Jeff Sarokin, edited by Chris Fernandez, audio design by DJ, and produced by Steven Stetz,, Amanda Paschal, Julie McGone

We really found the essence of what makes The Home Run so special!

At the height of The Home Run Derby, more than 11 Million Viewers Tuned In. One of the highest ratings events of Summer 2022.

Couldn’t be prouder of the team- and we actually nicknamed ourselves Team SAS C (pronounced Sassy)




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