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Wimbledon 2013: Way to go Andy Murray

If I could tell you how proud I was teaming up with such an incredible crew at this year’s Wimby-words can’t express it. ESPN continues to create amazing storied and raise the bar at this year’s Wimby. I was proud to have the opportunity to help be one of the many who painted the story of Andy Murray’s historical win. Special thanks to Alfred Molina, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Clive Own who made the final teases some of the best yet. Grand & elegant we accomplished it. Additionally, to shine an even brighter light on this telecast, ESPN and EE teamed up with England’s own, Laura Mvula, an amazing artist who helped celebrate this year’s Wimbledon with her hot single, Green Garden. If you don’t know Laura, it’s a crying shame, cause she is singing above our planetary system.



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