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Roll Me On The River

It only happens once a year, but each year it gets bigger and brighter. This time, The Electric Elephant & Peligro Pictures aka Stevie were given the opportunity by ESPN CCU to collaborate & direct with one of music’s biggest artist, Shania Twain. In conjunction with this year’s US Open & her upcoming tour, we rocked the house both on site and Brooklyn Studios with renown Director of Photography, Dave Devlin & the incomparable, Director of Photography, Jeff Sutch. From smoke bombs to Pyro (Pyrotech) to Green Screen and everything in between, (her styling team is super rocking), color by Glue, and the amazing team, (Jules, Amanda, JR, CD), we couldn’t be more thrilled to work with such an a great bunch of folks. Life got real good for a moment against a NY Sky Line! Big Thanks To The Maverick Team!



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