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With this year’s launch of the NBA Playoffs, The Electric Elephant in conjunction with Disney Synergy/ CCU Division joined forces to collaborate with Ms. Beyonce’ Knowles-CarterFilm, Black Is King.It was such an honor to oversee the launch of the campaign- and really share and celebrate, a truly inspiring piece of workby Ms. Carter with such a momentous event.Sammy Silver engaged his longtime friend and Grammy Award Winning- Poet, J Ivy, who found the right voice, the right words & most importantly, the right balance toframe the story.A special thanks goes out to Ms. Tarre Torae,Parkwood Entertainment, the DC Collective Team (Thuy & Adam), Staci Wax Green, Ms. Mecca Harris, the great Stevie Lawrence.Ms. Julie McGlone, Craig Lazarus, Evelyn So, and Ms. Joelle Downes.



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