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So how does one help support Broadway when the lights are dimmed with certainty. You just do!!! Because Broadway will always come back! With this years’ US Open Broadcast, Sammy Silver & The Electric Elephant got in touch with his friends from Boneau-Bryan Brown: Jackie Green. It was time to bring the Emmy Award Winning team back together again. Sammy Silver with Stomp Creators- Luke Cresswell and Steve McNichols created 6 vibrant original pieces of content- with the cast and crew of Stomp. Spanning the globe, we engaged and produced in over 6 countries globally- where The Electric Elephant & Stomp team manifested the most unique sounds in the cast’s home and found the light

and the happiness as we all come together during the pandemic with these most original spots.Special Thanks ToLuke, Steve and Jackie.We started together, and our friendship/collaboration continues.




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