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For this years’ NBA Draft, The Electric Elephant was honored to be collaborating with the one and only, Ms. Judith Hill from the Oscar Winning Documentary, “20 Feet From Stardom”. After being inspired by Judith’s performance(s) on NBC The Voice & the documentary, Director/ Creative Director Sammy Silver , as part of the ESPN CCU Division engaged both the ESPN Marketing Division & the NBA Draft Team. I know there was real “truth” and “authenticity” in not only what Judith was creating musicially, but in her messaging as well. At this time, when a bit of gratitude, grace and family is truly necessary, the CCU Team really tapped in the heart of this year’s NBA Draft. With overwhelming success, the NBA DRAFT received numerous praises to their broadcast/tone, & messaging- in addition to the Thank You Campaign -with over 59 Million Digital- Video Views.

Special thanks to the one and only: DP, Thom Stukas and Andres Vasquez, Julie McGlone, Craig Lazarus, Linda Schultz, Amanda/Aimee, Emmie, Katie, Jeff Sarokin, Jason Marks Talent,JC Backings & The ESPN Music Department.Also a big shout /special thanks out goes to The Only Agency: Ashley Pruitt & Joe “Edit In a Pink Room” Frady




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